Company Profile

Leonstride is a leading global service provider in business process and technology management, offering broad spectrum of services in Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO), Payroll Management.

Leonstride is an Industry Leading Payroll Outsourcing Services Provider and is Committed to Producing Results with the Highest Accuracy and Quality with experience in handling corporate payroll services and the ability to tailor a solution to specifically suit the needs of any organization.
Leonstride ensures smooth payroll management services that can help achieve better resource management and save you the hassles and time-consuming tasks of payroll processing

What we do

We Understand Your Business

We understand the challenges of our customers and their business processes, how to effectively measure them. We are one of the leading companies in developing and delivering unique personnel solutions that are customised according to the specific operational and HR requirements of organisations.

We Strive for Excellence

Our work accelerates the realization of business value from technology. Our approach puts process at the forefront, understanding the value it brings to a company in driving frontend results such as customer satisfaction and retention, revenue generation and profitability.

We Value Human Expertise

We have a pool of dedicated, result driven experts with expertise and experience. We comprehend your industry’s ideal practices, procedures and the issues confronted by your company.

We Deliver Guarantee

We certainly have done this before and can do it right again. This understanding boosts our confidence and echoes in our effort to provide guaranteed solutions. We go to far-reaching lengths to present quality business outsourcing services.

Why Leonstride

Adherence to Regulatory Norms

We strictly adhere to the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

Assured Cost Reduction

Your business operations will see an assured cost reduction ranging from 30% to 50%. Reduced investment in IT infrastructure

Emphasis on Data Security and Data Confidentiality

Leonstride is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, and we give utmost importance to data security and confidentiality.Your data will be protected and will not be shared with anyone under any circumstances.

Latest Technology

You can take advantage of the latest technology and procedures, as we stay up-to-date on all best practices.

Customizable Services

Customizable services that are in alignment with your strategic goals Solid Team to conduct Interview process

Assistance For Entire Life Cycle

Assistance throughout the entire life-cycle of the employee, right from the day of recruitment to exit

Regular Communication

Through consistent communication with us, you can be assured of Outsourcing Services that are delivered with optimized transparency, flexibility and efficiency.

Business Intelligence

Solid business intelligence that helps top management with their strategic initiatives.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is to formulate close relationships with our clients by being available when required as well as being proactive and offering excellent services. Our services are tailored to meet the divergent needs of your business.


We do this through creating value and enriching the lives of our employees, our clients and our stakeholders. Our business is built upon the fundamentals of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness. We have a passion for excellence, a bias toward action and imagine and respond to the future today. We use these guiding principles to be the best at what we do and to provide our clients unsurpassed accuracy, competency and teamwork in the work we perform.

Customer Focus

Our clients and develop relationship that make a positive difference in our customers lives

Dedicated Domain Expertise

Domain experienced people handling different activities of payroll processing.


Passion for excellence, a bias toward action and imagine and respond to the future today.


The root of cultural corporate trust.

Integrity & transparency

To ensure that our clients fully understand the implications of their business.


Our business is built upon the fundamentals of honesty, integrity and trustworthiness.